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Miracle Casino Affiliates offers one of the most competitive online Affiliate Programs in the industry. We focus on building and maintaining a true partnership with each of our affiliates and improve our mutual success.

3 steps to get commission

Participating in an affiliate program is very easy.
After registering your account, get an affiliate link from the management screen and start with your favorite advertising method!

account registration

After opening a new affiliate account, get affiliate links and banner materials from the management screen!


Advertise Miracle Casino with your favorite advertising method, such as advertising on your own site, SNS or word-of-mouth!

Reward generation

As long as registrants from the dedicated affiliate link can continue playing at Miracle Casino, they will earn commissions semi-permanently!

About Us

Support system that leads to results

The Miracle Casino Affiliate Program provides an optimal marketing system and a multifunctional affiliate management screen so that affiliates can perform at their best and carry out promotional activities. In addition, we have established the industry's highest maximum 55% commission form according to the achievements, and the affiliate support system is perfect so that your activities will lead to more results.

Optimal marketing
Multi-functional management screen
Reliable commission form
Reliable support system

Our Features

Industry's best affiliate program

Best marketing tool

Our affiliate system is developed by experienced professional staff, and we have abundant marketing tools that also consider the needs of affiliates.

Industry's highest commission of up to 55%

Depending on the commission amount earned in the previous month, the commission% of the next month will be increased to the industry's highest [55%]. Maximize mutual benefits by increasing commission rates according to achievements.

Lifetime commission

We are confident in the billing rate and continuation rate of the most important introduced players in the lifetime commission form where rewards are generated and increased semi-permanently.

Real-time statistics

On the affiliate management screen, various data can be viewed in near real time, and it is possible to build a marketing strategy that leads to reliable results based on statistical data.

Complete support system

Experienced staff will do their utmost to build a stronger partnership with affiliates for the purpose of pursuing mutual benefits.

Fast and secure payment

Monthly commissions are paid to the Miracle Casino player account and can be withdrawn from multiple payment methods. We guarantee quick and secure payments.


Industry's largest commission of up to 55%

The Miracle Casino Affiliate Program offers the best commission plans that are simple and easy to understand. The commission% for the following month will increase according to the commission amount earned in the previous month. Let's aim to pursue mutual benefits with us in the industry's largest commission form of up to 55% according to achievements.


Last month commission amount
$ 1,501-3,000


Last month commission amount
$ 3,001-5,000


Last month commission amount
$ 5,001-10,000


Last month commission amount
$ 10,001-30,000


Last month commission amount
$ 30,001- $ 50,000


Last month commission amount
$ 50,001 over

Introducing partner partners

We would like to introduce some of the partners
who are participating in this affiliate program.

◆ Write down all the good and bad points! It is an online casino introduction site with the concept of
◆ Although it has just been completed, I will explain the promotion of the casino from the user's point of view.


◆ Miracle Casino is a very easy-to-use online casino with a high deposit and withdrawal limit and 24-hour chat support.
◆ We plan to actively introduce this in this blog as well.
◆ Affiliate staff will also support you.


◆ Miracle Casino offers the highest rebate rate in the industry in a VIP program with no level demotion.
◆ The promo is also substantial and it is very attractive from the player's point of view! I can recommend it with confidence even in the blog!

The soho

◆ The soho thoroughly researches and reviews from popular online casinos to lesser-known online casinos.
◆ Miracle Casino is a new theory, but it is a recommended online casino with the industry's highest level of rebates and 24-hour Japanese chat!


◆ Miracle Casino is a recommended site with 24-hour prompt full support of Japanese people and full promotion by members who have been in the industry for a long time.
◆ Onkaji Town is Japan's first comprehensive media platform site. Miracle Casino is proud of the strongest VIP program that can be promoted cumulatively with no rebate limit or demotion.


◆ Miracle Casino offers the industry's No. 1 VIP program.
◆ The rebate bonus is high at 1.10% at the live casino and 1.55% at the slot, and it is a big attraction that there is no rebate upper limit and VIP rank demotion.
◆ Recommended for those seeking the industry's No. 1 rebate return at online casinos.


◆ The Miracle Casino site is very sophisticated and easy to find information and games.
◆ There is also an unlimited rebate bonus with abundant virtual currencies and great deals, so there is no shortage of advertising elements.
◆ It is a recommended casino that you can not miss the future activity.


◆ The Tornecoin site is an on-game introduction site specializing in light users.
◆ It is easy to get the first depositor with the first deposit bonus, but there are few on-games like Miracle Casino that you can play after that, so it is a recommended site.


◆ ONCASY is Japan's largest online casino comprehensive game introduction site.
◆ Not only the latest casino game strategy information, but also reviews of more than 40 types of online casino rankings that have obtained public licenses are being updated at any time!


◆ Miracle Casino with unlimited rebate bonuses is easy to introduce to high rollers, and it has a 24-hour live chat, so it is also recommended for casino beginners.
◆ The abundant promo is also popular, so it's easy to introduce.


◆ Vegas Online deals with not only standard table games such as baccarat, but also slot strategy information.
◆ Almost all popular games, popular slot models, etc. are covered, and detailed strategy information is also posted.


◆ This site is a specialized site that disseminates casino information.
◆ Thorough explanation! Based on the concept, we introduce in detail from how to start each casino to information on advantageous campaigns.


◆ Miracle Casino has an environment where you can play comfortably, such as the comfort of deposits and withdrawals, and an excellent VIP program.
◆ It is an online casino that is easy to earn results. Recommended for those who are starting affiliate activities!


◆ Miracle Casino has a mechanism that returns to the player for each bet, so the player's repeat rate is good.
◆ Withdrawals are quick and easy to use, so you can introduce with confidence!

日本最大級のオンラインカジノメディア Casimo(カジモ)

◆ Miracle Casino has an industry-leading, super-value VIP program.
◆ This online casino is recommended for players who care about the rebate rate.

ベストなオンラインカジノで最高の体験を。BEST CASINO(ベスカジ)

◆ Miracle Casino is a relatively new online casino, but it has a rich VIP program and a high rebate rate, so it is an online casino that will please players.


◆ Miracle is back and hot online, Japan and service, support support system is also excellent, so site site "Online Casino Casino

Onlinecasino Walker

◆ Miracle Casino, which offers “no rebate limit & no demotion” and “minimum deposit/withdrawal is 3 minutes”, can be introduced to everyone from beginners to high rollers.
◆ Abundant and bold bonuses are also very popular and recommended.


◆ How to start an online casino"" is a comprehensive casino information site that explains the details of recommended casino information and bonuses for a wide range of people from beginners to experienced players.
◆ We also provide information and reviews about not only on-casino but also land-based casinos.


◆ GamiN’Labでは人気のおすすめオンラインカジノランキングを発信しています。
◆ ミラクルカジノは他とは一線を画す洗練されたサイトデザインと、ユーザーフレンドリーなプロモーションが魅力です。 今後もユーザーに愛されるオペレーターとして定着するでしょう。


◆ 激アツオンラインカジノではおすすめの人気オンカジをランキング形式で紹介しています。
◆ ミラクルカジノは実際に紹介してみて、ユーザーさんの継続性がとても高いという実感があります。 ホームカジノとして愛用している方が多いということでしょう。とても信頼できるオペレーターさんです。


◆ ジャグラーエイトはユーザーが気になる情報をわかりやすくまとめて紹介しているサイトです。
◆ ミラクルカジノさんは信頼度が高く初心者からハイローラーの方まで安心して楽しく遊ぶことができるオンラインカジノさんです。


◆ ユーザー目線に立ち、知りたい情報をお届けできるようなサイトを常に心がけています
◆ ミラクルカジノさんは動作がスムーズで操作しやすく、ユーザーが快適にプレイするのに適したオンラインカジノさんです。


◆ 見やすく、わかりやすい内容になるようにこだわってオンラインカジノを紹介しているサイトです
◆ ミラクルカジノさんはモバイルでも使いやすいオンカジです。


◆ BET LEISUREは、オンラインカジノを始めるために必要な情報と今人気のカジノサイトが分かる、オンラインカジノ専門のポータルサイトです。
◆ ミラクルカジノさんはたくさんのゲームの種類と使いやすいUIで、最大限に楽しむことができます。


◆ ミラクルカジノさんは初心者ガイドが用意されており、オンラインカジノ未景観者でも安心して遊べるサービスです。


◆ ミラクルカジノさんはモバイルで操作するうえで非常にわかりやすいUIに加え、オペレーターさんとしても非常に信頼のできる良いオンラインカジノさんです。




◆VIPレベル降格なし、リベート獲得上限なし、毎日ボーナス進呈と3拍子揃ったVIPプログラムが業界NO.1とも評価されているミラクルカジノは、ハイローラーには特におすすめしたいカジノです。サイト内には初心者向けガイドラインも用意され、玄人プレイヤーだけでなく、初心者にも優しいカジノになっています。Casino top5は今後もミラクルカジノの魅力を伝えていきます。

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