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Miracle Casino Affiliate Program Terms of Service

The Affiliate Program Terms of Use (* Terms of Use ") are the terms between the Miracle Casino Affiliate Program (*" Affiliate Program ") and the affiliate.Affiliate refers to an individual or corporation that has applied for and registered with this affiliate program. "

⇢ Please be sure to check all items before agreeing to these Terms of Use.

⇢ With your consent to these Terms of Use, you have the right to bind the Affiliate Program Applicant or the legal entity represented by the Applicant under these Terms of Use.

⇢ If you do not wish to agree to all the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use, please do not agree to them when applying for this Affiliate Program.

⇢ Miracle Casino reserves the right to unilaterally cancel these Terms without prior notice if the Affiliate Site determines that the Terms are in breach or inappropriate.

【Definition of terms】

The terms used in these Terms of Use have the following meanings.

⇢ "Our Casino" means Miracle Casino.

⇢ "This Affiliate Program" means the mechanism of affiliate service tie-up between Affiliates who have agreed to these Terms and Miracle Casino.

⇢ "This site" means the official website such as https://miracle-miracle.com and the official website of Miracle Casino related to them.

⇢ "Affiliate" means a partner who has a medium linked to this site.

⇢ "Sub-Affiliate" means an Affiliate that operates under its control.

⇢ "Affiliate Site" means a site or page owned by an Affiliate.

⇢ "Player" means a customer who has registered on this site from the banner or link of the affiliate site of the affiliate.

⇢ "Deposit" means the funds that the Player has deposited into any account on the Site.

⇢ "Code" means a special URL for player tracking issued to affiliates, which is also used to calculate player registration status and affiliate rewards.

⇢ "Spamming" means the following acts.

⇢ E-mail and messages sent to unspecified number of addresses, such as junk e-mail

⇢ Emails and messages containing misleading or misleading content to the player

⇢ "Unauthorized Traffic" means any act that may cause damage or harm by increasing the number of deposits or traffic on this site by illegal methods or acts.

⇢ Rogue traffic includes false advertising, spam, and so on.

⇢ "Net Loss" means the amount of "Bet-Payout" played by the Player on the Site.

⇢ "Bet" means the total amount played on our site with real money.

⇢ "Payout" means the real money profits that players earn on our Site.

⇢ "Bonus" means the amount of various bonuses paid to the player.

⇢ "Various fees" means usage-based payments such as gaming fees, settlement fees (including chargeback), system usage fees, etc. that occur on this site.

⇢ "Chargeback" means the cancellation of a credit deposit that has been settled by the player.

1. About this affiliate program registration

1-1. You can apply for this affiliate program from the URL.

1-2. In principle, only one affiliate account will be issued per affiliate.

1-3. This affiliate program does not allow self-affiliates to associate themselves as players.

1-4. Our casino will examine the affiliate application you received based on our own examination criteria and notify you of the approval or disapproval.

Please note that as a result of the examination, we may refuse to apply for this affiliate program.

2. Affiliator responsibilities

2-1. Affiliates are responsible for introducing the promotion of this casino on their own affiliate sites, e-mails, SNS, etc. at their own expense in order to maximize mutual benefits.

2-2. Our casino reserves the right to suspend the affiliate registration according to this agreement if the information at the time of affiliate application from the affiliate contains false content.

2-3. Affiliate's advertising and marketing activities of this casino must be appropriate and professional and comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use.

2-4. Affiliates are always responsible for complying with relevant legislation and applicable law. This includes, but is not limited to, applicable laws regarding data protection and privacy.

2-5. Responsible for updating and maintaining information on the affiliate's own site and SNS. As our casino information is updated, we are responsible for updating our related sites as well.

2-6. If the affiliate's own site or SNS, etc., describes content that is not limited to the player of this casino or the viewer is misleading to this site, the debt incurred at that time or this site The partner shall be responsible in the event of a disadvantageous situation.

2-7. In order to maximize mutual benefits, Affiliates are responsible for promoting in a way that is reflected in our site in their favor.

2-8. When promoting this casino, we will not engage in any advertising activities that include illegal, discriminatory, obscene content, sexual depiction, pornography, or violent content.

2-9. The costs and troubles incurred on the affiliate's own site and SNS, etc. are the responsibility of the affiliate, and this casino does not take any responsibility.

2-10. Affiliates do not cover people under the legal age of using this site, nor do they cover illegal jurisdictions.

2-11. Except for various marketing tools posted on this site, we will not use other expressions, trademarks, or intellectual property rights of the owner / operator of this site without the consent of this site.

2-12. Affiliators are responsible for maintaining confidential information such as logins provided by this casino and always protecting it safely. In addition, the affiliator shall be solely responsible for unauthorized login and related actions caused by the failure to properly protect the login information due to the affiliator's malfunction.

2-13. Affiliate shall be solely responsible for all activities and actions regarding the user ID and password of the affiliate account. Affiliates are responsible for contacting us immediately if their certification is suspected of being illegal or misused.

2-14. If a player is registered, referred, or bet by fraudulent methods or by fraudulent means that violates these Terms of Use, or if the Site decides at its sole discretion, the Site will freeze the affiliate account. You have the right to do so and the right to deduct commissions from your affiliate account.

3. About affiliate program enrollment guidelines

The Casino reserves the right to take appropriate action at its own discretion if an Affiliate violates these Terms of Use.

3-1. Miracle Casino Affiliate Program By agreeing to the terms of use, you can download promotional materials such as banners and texts provided by this casino.

You can use various advertising materials on your own affiliate site or SNS, and use the affiliate URL to become an affiliate.

3-2. Traffic generated by illegal activities may not be approved and the affiliate contract may be suspended.3-3. When the affiliate determines that the branding image of the casino may deteriorate or suffer damage due to the method not permitted by the casino, the affiliate contract will be suspended at the discretion of the casino. You have the right to do so.

3-4. Affiliates are not permitted to conclude contracts related to this casino (transfer of all rights related to accounts and their sales / resale, etc.) with third parties on behalf of this casino.

3-5. It is prohibited for affiliates to intentionally earn commissions in cooperation with players.

3-6. If it is discovered that an affiliator has led a player to this site through fraudulent activity, the casino reserves the right to withdraw commissions paid in the past and suspend future commissions.

This decision is the final decision of the casino, and there is no objection by the affiliates. The Casino reserves the right to withhold applicable Affiliate Commissions, even if it was not the Affiliate's intention.

3-7. We do not allow affiliates to use domain names that include "Miracle Casino" or similar domain names.

We also prohibit site designs that may be mistakenly recognized by players who closely resemble the design of our casino.

3-8. Affiliate affiliate sites must always provide accurate information about Miracle Casino.

3-9. At this casino, affiliates themselves register as players with their affiliate URLs and prohibit self-affiliates who are eligible for affiliate rewards.

If a self-affiliate is discovered, the casino reserves the right to forfeit the winnings in the player account, withdraw the affiliate rewards generated from the relevant account in the past, and suspend the account.

3-10. All services of this casino are available under the laws applicable in the player's country of residence.

In addition, all services of this casino are not available to persons under the age of 18 and persons under the legal adult age.

3-11. In the event that an Affiliate, at their own discretion, decides to terminate their account with the site they are promoting, the Casino reserves the right to withdraw any commissions previously paid, suspend future commissions, or adjust terms and conditions, including revenue sharing, at any time. 

4. About affiliate URL

4-1. In this casino, only the player officially linked by the system by the affiliate URL will be reflected as the player of the corresponding affiliate.

4-2. In our casino, if the affiliate URL is advertised improperly or cannot be received normally on our casino server, we will not be recognized as an affiliate player.

Therefore, please check whether the affiliate URL is written correctly and whether it is running by yourself.

5. Affiliate reward form

5-1. Miracle Casino Affiliate program rewards are revenue share. As long as the introduced player continues to play, you will be rewarded semi-permanently with your monthly revenue share.

5-2. Affiliate reward calculation is performed based on the following reward calculation method of Miracle Casino affiliate program.

(Net Loss-(Bonus + Various Fees)) * Affiliate Reward Rate (%) = Affiliate Reward Amount

5-3. Affiliate rewards will change depending on the commission amount of the previous month below.

Monthly commission rate of return:

$ 0-500 20%

$ 501-1,500 25%

$ 1,501-3,000 30%

$3,001-5,000 35%

$5,001-10,000 40%

$10,001-30,000 45%

$30,001-$50,000 50%

$50,001over 55%

* Regarding the rate of return, the rate of return for the current month will be determined according to the commission amount of the previous month.

Example: If the commission amount for the previous month was $ 10,001-30,000 in May, the rate of return for June will be 45%.

5-4. This affiliate program adopts a negative carryover system, and the negative affiliate reward will be carried over to the next month.

5-5. If a credit card chargeback by a player introduced by an affiliate occurs, the corresponding amount will be deducted from the reward to the affiliate.

If the chargeback application amount exceeds the affiliate's remuneration for the relevant month, it will be recorded as a negative and will be negatively carried over.

5-6. With respect to affiliate fees provided by this casino, the affiliate is solely responsible for any taxes levied by the law of the country in which the affiliate resides.

As the affiliate is responsible for the payment of taxes imposed by the tax authorities, we do not have the right to make any claims to the casino.
5-7.If no active player is generated within 2 months, or if Miracle Casino has already been discontinued and rewards continue to be generated, we reserve the right to confiscate all rewards at the time of discovery.

5-8.If no active player is generated within 4 months, or if Miracle Casino has already been discontinued and rewards continue to be generated, we will confiscate all rewards at the time of discovery and freeze the account. I have the right.

6. About affiliate fee payment

6-1. Affiliate reward payments will be made to the Miracle Casino player account.

6-2. Affiliate rewards will be paid to the player account of the affiliate by the 5th of the following month at the end of each month.

Affiliate rewards paid to player accounts will be processed in the same way as normal player withdrawal processing.

Affiliate rewards can be withdrawn immediately or played with the reward amount.

6-3. The minimum reward payment for this affiliate program is $ 1 or more.

6-4. At the time of payment of affiliate rewards, we reserve the right to suspend payment of rewards at our own discretion to accounts for which it is determined that the prohibited self-affiliates have been confirmed or suspected.

7. Legal liability

7-1. The ownership of this site and all contents are the assets of this casino, and no matter what you do, you will not be transferred to an affiliate.

7-2. Affiliate is solely responsible for the ownership and legal liability of the affiliate site.

All costs associated with the affiliate's own affiliate site are the responsibility of the affiliate.

7-3. In order to properly track players and perform various calculations using affiliate URLs, it is the affiliate's responsibility to correctly describe and paste the affiliate URLs.

7-4. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to ensure that all advertisements of this casino on the affiliate site are displayed in a manner that follows the guidelines of this casino.

7-5. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to ensure the legality of the content on the affiliate site.7-6. Regarding spamming, we reserve the right to suspend the account of the relevant affiliate when it is discovered in any way.

7-7. The terms and conditions contained in these Terms of Use reserve the right to be changed at any time at the discretion of the Casino.

This change includes the form of compensation, payment method, etc., and if the affiliate is dissatisfied with the change, the only means is to cancel the affiliate contract.

Changes cover referral fees, payment schedules, payment procedures and rules of the inquiry program. If you are dissatisfied with the changes, the only way is to cancel the contract.

If you continue to contract with this affiliate program, you agree to any changes to the terms of use announced on this site.

8. About affiliate contract period and cancellation

8-1. Each provision of these Terms of Use will be effective from the time the Casino approves the application to the Miracle Casino Affiliate Program to the Affiliate, and will continue until one of them indicates the intention to cancel the contract.

8-2. These Terms of Use do not give the Affiliate the exclusive right of the Affiliate to provide any service to the Player.

8-3. If this affiliate tie-up is canceled, please delete all the banners of this casino posted on your affiliate site etc. and invalidate them.

8-4. If this affiliate tie-up is canceled in violation of these Terms of Use, you are entitled to receive only the unpaid affiliate fees that the affiliate should have obtained on or before the date of cancellation.

8-5. If the Affiliate fails to meet the obligations and responsibilities set forth in these Terms of Use, the Casino reserves the right not to pay the fees it should have paid.

8-6. If the affiliate site of the affiliate determines that it is inappropriate for the casino at the discretion of the casino, the casino reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the affiliate contract.

8-7. The Casino reserves the right to change this Agreement at any time and to revise the Affiliate Terms of Service between the Affiliate and the Casino without prior notice.

It is also the responsibility of the Affiliate to check the contents of these Terms of Use on a regular basis. If you continue to have an affiliate tie-up, we consider that you have agreed and accepted all of these Terms of Use.

9. Application of law and resolution of disputes

9-1. These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Curacao.

9-2. If a dispute arises regarding these Terms of Use, we will endeavor to resolve it peacefully through dialogue between the parties.

9-3. Any dispute arising in connection with this Agreement shall ultimately be left to the relevant arbitral institution to determine.

The arbitration body will be the body set by the Curacao government, and the language of arbitration will be English.

10. Application of law and resolution of disputes

10-1. By applying for an affiliate after reading the contents of these Terms of Use, the Casino considers that the relevant affiliate has agreed to all the terms of these Terms of Use.

10-2. These Terms of Use are published in Japanese and English for the convenience of providing information. From a legal point of view, the Japanese version of the Terms of Service will prevail.